Boriding is a treatment of metal that usually occurs at high temperatures. The process of Boriding is also called Boronizing as the two terms are interchangeable. Boriding is the process by which boron is introduced to a metal or alloy. It is a type of surface hardening. In this process boron atoms are diffused into the surface of a metal component. Boriding can be achieved in different ways, but one of the best Boriding processes is through the use of what is called Vapor Coating.

VaporKote, Inc. is a company that specializes in Boriding and Boronizing services.

Boronizing is a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) pack cementation process whereby boron atoms are diffused into steel and other substrates of iron, nickel and cobalt base alloys, forming an intermetallic compound at the surface base metal. Uniform diffusion case depths are controlled by the thermo chemical reactions. This boronizing treatment provides maximum resistance to abrasion, erosion, and wear – with negligible growth to the original part.

Parts are metallurgically treated with our proprietary boron formulas, creating a new, very hard boronized metal surface. VaporKote wear-resistant boron hardened components can be held to close tolerances and, if needed, secondary machining can be done at coated surfaces. Masking is done for areas not requiring a hard surface thus enabling the surface to be easily machined after boronizing.

Pumps, valves, pipe spools, elbows, and other components are fabricated, welded, and boron-hardened for wear and erosion protection. Boronized parts are approved for critical aerospace components. VaporKote also specializes in manufacturing boron hardened pump wear rings that are much harder and more durable than heat treated, plasma sprayed, or stellite overlaid rings.