The rig count for the Bakken as of yesterday, September 16, 2016 is 27. I hear many people talking about all the rigs going back online, but not in the Bakken. The rig count is still very low, and production continues to fall. According the the latest “” Drilling Productivity Report production is expected to fall an additional 28,000 Barrels per day in October compared to the prior month. This is only one of the major shale drilling plays in America. According to the report the major shale drilling areas will see the following changes in production for a total drop in production of 61,000 Barrels per day.

  • Bakken Region        (-28 Mbbl/d)
  • Eagle Ford Region  (-46 Mbbl/d)
  • Haynesville Region  (No Change)
  • Marcellus Region     (-1 Mbbl/d)
  • Niobrara Region      (-8 Mbbl/d)
  • Permian Region       (+22 Mbbl/d)
  • Utica Region            (No Change)

For more detailed information of the current report here is a link. EIA Drilling Productivity report.

Bill Dalessi